MOONROOT: An Exploration of Asian Womyn’s Bodies


OH MY GOSH! It’s finally here! MOONROOT is an ongoing collective project about race, gender, and bodies created by Sine Hwang Jensen, Amy Dewan, Sun Hashmi, Marilla Li, monna wong, Jess Kealiihoalani Toshea Mease, jackie wang, mai c. đoàn, linda nguyễn, and Bhanu Kapil.

I have been tweaking out on my computer for days getting the layout of this beautiful zine finished for the Baltimore Book Festival. It was at the zine bazaar yesterday, but I believe you can still pick it up at the Feminist Reading Group table at the Radical Bookfair pavilion. Also, another thanks to the Feminist Reading Group for helping with printing, and Sine for designing the lovely stenciled covers.

If you would like to donate seed money for future issues, would like a copy with a fancy spray-painted cover, would like to distro the zine, or would like to inquire about collaborating on future issues, email us at moonrootzine (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also give us feedback at the email address.

We encourage you to print, distribute, and share the zine with your friends. Also, if you are a self-identified womyn, trans, or genderqueer person of Asian decent (whether you’re East Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, West Asian, hapa or mixed) come join the MOONROOT crew. We love you.

Sine and Amy posing with newly printed zines

Lotus root cover production

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